Saturday, May 17, 2014


Last night was the crossover for one of the packs of Cub Scouts that feeds our troop. They were late this year, and had asked a few of our boys show up. Since Delaney is Senior Patrol Leader, I said he should go and he agreed. We headed out and our boys helper set up the ceremonial bridge for the crossover.

Photo May 16, 7 40 49 PM

I’ve seen the ceremony 4 or 5 times between Kyle, Delaney, and then supporting our troop. It’s interesting, and sometimes long, but the guy running it this time wasn’t too bad. Our boys stood at the far side of the bridge, watching the Cubs get their final arrow of light awards and get ready to cross over.

Photo May 16, 7 42 34 PM

Two boys changed the epaulet and then Delaney put the new neckerchief on the kids.

Photo May 16, 7 46 19 PM

And futzed with the slide before they all welcomed the new scouts with handshakes. neat to see him participating without complaints and enjoying it.

Photo May 16, 7 45 23 PM

Also amazing how little these kids are. Delaney was that size only a few years back.

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