Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Better but mushy

I’ve been trying to be careful with the knee. No work yesterday on the bike, though I did go through my set of 6 exercises.

Today the leg felt Ok, though certainly I must be moving it at night and sleeping on the knee cap somewhat as it’s sore by the time I get back from taking kids to school. I got back and hooked up the ice machine. I did it again after lunch, and now again after picking up Delaney.

I did my exercises before I got Delaney, and while I feel stronger, and can move better, my right thigh sure is mushy. Even when I tighten it, and see the quads move, they’re still barely there.

I am so looking forward to swelling going down and being able to actually work this thing. Tomorrow I go to PT and I’ll ask when I can start yoga and pilates, and when I go back in June, I’ll ask the surgeon about swimming.

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