Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sabbatical–Not the Flagpole I remembered

My employer, Red Gate Software, offers a sabbatical to their employees, and this year I'm taking mine. I'll be gone from June 2 - July 14, away from work, but I'll be blogging here about my experience.

I finally got my DVD and drawing for the flagpole.

Photo May 12, 9 34 52 PM


I saw down and watched it one day, just out of curiosity. It was some of what I remembered, but some I didn’t and I learned a few things. One was that the base, which I was thinking was a 4x4 base sticking up, isn’t what Norm used. I must have confused this with another article I read, because this is a metal one.

That’s a decision I’ll have to make. I wasn’t planning on welding a base together, though I have a fairly expert friend that I’m sure would help me get that done. It’s tempting to expand on the sabbatical and add on some metal skills. I think some of this will depend on how quickly I get the basic pole built. Once I have the thing glued up and square, I can then measure for the base and plan. No matter what I choose, I want to get it into the ground and cemented before the end of June.

I guess that leads me to the next step, getting a plan together.

Most of the rest of the DVD made sense and was what I remembered. I’ll need to build some sawhorses and get a space prepped to work. I’m thinking in front of the garage, just to the side of where I’ll pull out with the car. That would let me easily access tools and power, and also be convenient. I could also easily cover things with a tarp if needed.

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