Saturday, May 3, 2014

A little work

I had planned to take it easy a bit. After my failure biking yesterday, and my shower, I thought the knee was more swollen than I’d like. Especially a week later. So I pretty much called it a night after 7, with ice on the leg, resting in bed all night.

I had a lazy morning, mostly laying here, watching some TV, even playing on the computer a bit. I’ve been brushing up some programming, and going through C: The Hard Way. I hit the point where I had to download the source of valgrind and build it. I’d worried it would be a big project, but it was easy, and I felt proud of myself.

Photo May 03, 12 34 20 PMAnyway, as I was getting through my lesson with valgrind, Tia suggested I do some weeding today. She needs it done around the arena, and it’s mostly upper body work.She thought I might like the exercise. I wasn’t sure, but I decided to give it a try. I got dressed, put on boots, and grabbed my hat, heading out back. I grabbed the tool, and went to work.

Tia had gotten part of one side done, and I walked down, working near the corner, digging back and forth with the tool, getting weeds and grass pulled out of the ground. I made my way around the corner and most of the way on the E side. I stopped periodically, and switched hands, and I felt good. Not much strain or stress on the knee and it felt good to work. The bad thing was that I’d forgotten gloves and built a few blisters on my hands.

Photo May 03, 1 04 26 PM

I looked back and found I’d spent an hour out there and worked my way around about one short side of the arena. I decided to call it quits, especially since I couldn’t easily bend my knee. I knew it was a bit swollen.

Back to bed.

Photo May 03, 1 40 12 PM

Feeling good. A few pushups and situps, then another shower. Now we’ll take Kendall to a volleyball party and hopefully Tia and I can get a mini date together.

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