Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Book #58 - Amped

51kCGBo5iBL._AA115_I had a friend recommend Amped to me as a science fiction book, but it starts out more like a thriller, with a detective hired to find a girl that’s on the run. She escapes, in a few creative ways as we cut to a former Delta Force commando brought back and hired to find her. We’re told she’s a brilliant scientist that is working on a biological terror weapon with Al Qaeda.

From there the book moves quickly and we find the science fiction. David Desh, the commando, hires a hacker, but the girl, Kira Miller, turns the tables on them and kidnaps David. We learn that she discovered a way to enhance intelligence, making a person hundreds of times smarter.

Desh slowly begins to believe her and we have a combination of science fiction, which moves slowly to more fiction than science. There are also thrills as the military is chasing them towards an exciting conclusion.

Exciting, just like Daemon was to me, and worth the read. This is a two part series, and I grabbed the second one as soon as I was done with this one.

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