Monday, July 30, 2012

Sore Knee

After running Friday in Sacramento, on a hard packed surface, I knew I’d overdone it slightly. My right knee was sore on Sat morning when I hit the treadmill, and sitting in the various sessions, it was swollen (slightly) and right. It ached a bit when I got up to walk after flying home.

Sun I could feel it when I ran after a few balls at baseball, and then more when I took the kid biking later. Trying to show them a few wheelies was probably a bad idea. I dropped ice on it last night, and cringed when Tia rolled over and bumped the front of it. It’s better today, but sore.

As such, I’m glad no BLF run, and I’ll jog lightly at lunch, but I will also need to take it easy when lifting today.

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