Thursday, July 19, 2012

Elevation Volleyball

Practice #2 for Kendall. Tia took her last week while I was in London, and apparently it was really hard. Like tears hard. Kendall never wanted to go back when she was done. However by Sunday, when I returned, she was fine, and Monday was disappointed there was no Tuesday game this week.

Today I took her, leaving a bit early so we were on time. We were early, but one coach showed up and had two girls practicing. They did some overhand serving, and I was surprised how well Kendall did. It was actually pretty amazing how hard she hit the ball. I was impressed.

They did bump and set drills, a few of which I need to steal for the other league. It was neat to see them moving around, and Kendall was working. Red-faced, sweating, but smiling and doing well. She was still a bit confused by some drills, but it was neat to see her working so hard.

I'd have taken pictures, but Delaney confiscated my phone, so he could read. Can't complain about that.

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