Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bike Riding

Delaney had a good time riding bikes Sunday night with the family and wanted to go again. So we planned to pack up this afternoon and head out. A slightly late start getting things together and me finishing work, but the kids loaded the carrier on the car and got things ready so I could work a touch longer.

We drove down to Parker, with the intention of running first. Trying to get Delaney in shape for cross country, so we set out on a mile jog. Kendall joined us briefly, but gave up quickly and walked back. Delaney struggled a bit, but finished strong.

Then we started riding. We headed North on the Cherry Creek trail, getting almost back to our old neighborhood in Chenango. Three and a half miles of riding up before we stopped, had a break and some water and turned around.

Photo Jul 18, 6 25 04 PM

Delaney was leading the way and doing well, but Kendall struggled a bit. We stopped a few times, went slow, and she was working hard. I told her at one point we could go ahead and get the car and bring it back about a mile closer, but she’d have to ride alone and wait for us there. She declined.

Photo Jul 18, 6 25 41 PM

When we got back to the rec center together, she decided to keep going and pushed along, finishing strong herself. Afterwards we went and had some dinner before the kids got a little frozen yogurt

Photo Jul 18, 7 32 34 PM

A nice night out with my little kids.

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