Sunday, July 22, 2012


No errors at first, but 3 errors by me. In the same inning. Ugh. The kind of game that makes you want to skip the rest of the season. Two Ks (first and 3rd bats) and a long fly in the middle. A grounder at third that I made a play on, but most of the game I played second.

In the 4th or 5th, there was a grounder to me (1 on) and I was ready to start the double play. I yipped and pulled up just as the ball got to me, leaving it on the ground. I then paused, and missed the chance to get the guy at first. The next play was a grounder to third, throw to me at second, and I pulled the glove too soon, letting it glance off my right hand and roll to the edge of the grass.  A pop up a few plays later, behind first that should have been infield fly, but the umpire says I couldn't get to it. It bounced about a foot and a half in front of me. I should have gotten it, but looked at the first baseman, worried we'd collide.


A month layoff was no good for me. I need to get some swinging practice in, since I didn't see the ball great. Need some grounders first. A mess of a game. Not just me as we ended up getting 10-runned in 7 innings.

Ugh. Time to forget and move on.

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