Saturday, July 7, 2012

Relaxation and Chores

A bit of both this morning. First I was woken up by Uma around 7, but managed to lay in bed until the AC guy came at 8. While he did his check, I made coffee, read some email and news, and lounged a bit. I wasn't expecting good news from him and I was right. No coolant, likely leaks. He can run sealant in and charge the system for $500 or replace it for $3800. I declined both, sending him on his way and drank my coffee.

Then it was chore time. Feed the horses and fill the water, which was much easier with the ATV and a trailer behind it. I still had to mess with hay, and muck stalls, but it went relatively quickly. The tractor tire was low, so I filled that as Kendall left with friends  for a day of selling lemonade at the neighbor's workplace.

It was sunny, and I felt I should do something, so I did. First a quick sanding of the bench and a second coat of finish. It's looking good, but I definitely need to widen the legs slightly. Once that was done, clouds gave me some cover and I had no excuse, so I mixed some weed killer and sprayed a bunch of the driveway. I need to scrape it as well, and I'll get to that Monday or Tuesday, once the weeds die a bit. Probably need to pull a few.

Then a run. A quick one, and I feel good, not pushing too hard. Free day got moved to tomorrow, so I'm working out today, trying to convince Delaney to go lift with me.

Library this afternoon and then probably hanging out with kids tonight, taking it easy and waiting for Tia to get home.

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