Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Router

Our wireless router has been giving us fits lately, losing connections and causing issues. I suspect that it's just not built that well and after 2 years or so, it's dying. I did a little research this am, and then headed out to Best Buy since I had about $40 in credit from them.

None of the routers are rated really highly, which means to me they're all about the same. The Apple Extreme is rated well, but at $150, not sure I wanted to get that. As I looked at the DLink, Linksys (Cisco), Belkin, and Netgear, my eyes glazed a bit. One interesting thing is that most of these are just routers, not ADSL modems, which stopped me for a minute.

I decided that our old one seems to hold the ADSL connection fairly well, and if not, I have another one we can try there, which doesn't have great wireless either. In the end I decided that price mattered a touch and I wanted to try Belkin. We've had DLink and Netgear over the last few years, none better than any other.

I grabbed a NB600, which is supposed to have great wireless signals. At home we used Delaney's laptop with a CD drive to set it up and it connected quickly to our old router. I added new wireless networks, with passwords, and stuck them out there, leaving the old ones available for guests.

We'll see what happens. Not sold this will work, but fingers are crossed.

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