Thursday, July 12, 2012

Book #51 - Trial Junkies

A free thriller I grabbed, Trial Junkies was rated highly, so I gave it a chance. It's not bad, perhaps a little predictable and the writing is so-so, but I enjoyed it over the last week.

A former movie/TV star comes home when one of his friends from college is murdered. He had a circle of 7 or 8 friends that lived together for years, and it's his former girlfriend that was killed. He returns from the funeral, and as he starts to catch up, one of the group is arrested.

The book is mostly from the point of view of the star, interacting with his friends, emotional, and it feels real, but isn't written great. It doesn't lose you in the story, but it's not bad. The plot isn't great, and it lacks some of the uncertainty that some great reads have, which almost seems to lead you along a different path with a twist. This one has a twist, but not a great one.

Still, if you like legal thrillers and mysteries, this one is a cheap, and enjoyable, read.

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