Saturday, July 14, 2012

SQL in the City - London 2012

The kick off of the 2012 SQL in the City tour yesterday. Back at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, this time staying in the hotel that's a part of the complex. That seemed like it might be stuffy, but with Hyde Park and Regent's Park both about  6.-.7mi away, and the weather being nice in the am, it's been OK.

I ran both mornings, today with my CEO, and had a good start to the day.

Yesterday I was a bit nervous about my talks, both of which were new. I had done a version of one last month in Pensacola, but I'd changed and added things for this event, and I was hoping I'd fill the time, and have things go smoothly.

I was in the middle of the day, just before lunch, and just after, so I had a little time to watch other talks, and to go over my talks in my head again. I'd rehearsed both a few times this week at home, and on Thur after I arrived, so I felt fairly confident.

Both went well. I was in the large room, with lots of people attending. They listened, but the British audiences tend to be a little more reserved.

Only a couple minor script issues, mostly because I wasn't completely paying attention as I was running  them, trying to talk through the process.

My second talk was one I didn't love, but I got pushed into doing on the new AlwaysOn technology. I skirted that a bit, since it's rather complex, and I didn't want to do a demo that broke, and I'm not completely comfortable with it. I had warned my boss and the organizer that I'd like to change that one for the US part of our tour, but apparently people enjoyed it, so I may be stuck with it. Not the worst problem to have.

The event was good, things ran smoothly, and I people had fun. Lots of talking, and I was beat by dinner. I think that's why I had two glasses of wine and ate appetizers, blowing the diet. I'd been good all day, and hungry, and was worn out.

Today is free day, so I'll enjoy the day, have a few beers and head to Heathrow tonight, ready to go home in the morning.

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