Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Standing Up Experiment

Here’s my desk today:

Photo Jul 05, 9 34 25 AM

I wanted to try a stand up desk, with so many of my friends giving it a try, so I bought a monitor stand that would hold 4 monitors (up from my 2) and lift them up. However I had issues with my old desk, so I ended up in the basement.

Photo May 31, 4 31 55 PM

This was the first attempt, using my podcast desk, and having a stool nearby. It worked well, and I spent about 3 weeks down there, and realized I liked it. Life has been busy, but I decided yesterday to take some time and switch desks, moving the old one down, and the new one up reconnecting all the cables and cleaning the office a bit.

I’ve got my laptop there as well, for conference calls today. Now I just need to get a more permanent keyboard/mouse stand. The books and boxes work OK, but I want something there that will give me more space at hand level, and hold my coffee.

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