Thursday, July 26, 2012

Training Camp

Broncos training camp opened today. It’s exciting to think about another season of football, and doubly exciting to have #18 on our team. I thought I’d run down there early, watch a bit and then come home. I’ve gone on opening day, which is usually a little busy, and sometimes on other days. Practice at 8:50 usually, and if I arrive around 9, usually the main lot is just filling up.

Today I left the house at 7:30, arriving before 8 at Dove Valley. The main lot was full and people were starting to park on the side street across from the facility and the park. I walked in, in a line (that’s never happened) and then saw the inside was packed. The west hill was full, as was most of the South hill, which is rarely open.

I sat under a tree, checking email and reading some links for work. Then at 8:45 a cheer went up as Peyton Manning walked out. He looks good in dark blue and orange.


I watched about 40 minutes of drills, not much at first, but then the teams started running through drills. 7 on 7 with the offense, with the four QBs taking turns, then just the QB and receivers/backs doing throws. Peyton looked strong with his throws, almost all of them on the money, hitting people I stride, in the right places. He wasn’t rushed, or pushing.


Nothing too long, nothing too strong, but he looks good. For the first day, it means an optimistic look forward for the season.

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