Thursday, July 12, 2012

Eating in London

A bit of a struggle to eat on Body for Life in central London. Most restaurants are a bit pricey and I don't want to hit them every two hours. After landing, I subsisted on coffee, water, and 3 bars for the early part of the day. A quick nap made me feel better, along with a run, and then it was time to find food.

I was tempted by a McDonalds, seeing a big ad in the window for a grilled chicken sandwich, but I saw a Pret a little further on and wandered in there. It's supposed to be fresh made food, wrapped in plastic every day in coolers. I saw a similar display in a Marks and Spencer in Cambridge earlier this year, and have wanted to check one out. For 9 pounds, about what a meal would cost in any of the restaurants I passed on Oxford Street, I ended up grabbing:

  • chicken chorizo and butterbean soup
  • a half ham sandwich on multi-grain
  • a chicken, yogurt, avacado and lettuce sandwich on wheat.
That isn't quite true. These are British equivalents, not what I'd normally expect in America. However it's two meals for me, even with a small diet coke tossed in.

Soup and the half sandwich for now, the other sandwich saved for later.

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