Sunday, July 22, 2012

An Exciting Finish

I'm not big on watching golf. I used to love playing it, and may again one day, but right now it's too much time for too little exercise for me. Other things I'd rather do.

However when Tiger's in contention, I'm interested. Watched him win a few years ago at the US Open after surgery, watched him in a few other tournaments when he was in the lead. Today I knew he was close, but when I'd turned on the TV, he'd fallen back to -3, 6 shots off the lead with 6 to play.

So I watched a recorded show on the DVR, and then was about to go run. As I turned off the show and saw the British Open, I saw that Els (who was 3 back with 3 to play when I started) was tied with Scott. Seemed like a collapse in the making and lots of drama, so I watched. Els was done, and Scott had dropped the ball in a bunker, about 150yds from the pin. I saw him come out and then make a great shot to about 10-12 feet away.

I changed into running clothes and put contacts on, waiting for his putt for par. In and it's a playoff, and without Tiger, I'm not interested. Miss and he loses, bogeying 4 of the last 4 holes, and Els wins.

Els wins, a little anticlimactic, but still an exciting shot to see Scott try.

If Tiger can't win, the tournaments need more close finishes, though I don't know if that will help. Maybe if someone else can win 2-3 majors in the next two years they'll be a new person to root for.

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