Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Elevation Volleyball

Kendall started a new volleyball league a few weeks ago. It’s Elevation Volleyball and it’s a program using a few high school coaches that run the girls through a tough routine.

Photo Jul 24, 4 48 25 PM

All the girls of all ages have a bit of a workout routine, and then a set of drills that keep the busy. Kendall struggled the first week, worked really hard the second week, and is enjoying it.

Photo Jul 24, 4 46 02 PM

Last night was her first set of games, with her team playing 2 matches. They only had 6 girls, so no one say, and they did really good in the first two games. They won by a mile as I kept score.

Photo Jul 24, 4 42 48 PM

The third one they struggled, missing lots of serves and lost. In the second match, they were up and down, but won all three again.

It’s exciting to watch them and I think Kendall has improved dramatically in a few weeks. She’s hitting the ball harder and learned some new skills like spiking and overhand serves.

I need to take a pad to the practice tomorrow and make notes. Got a few drills we need to add to our team in Parker, which I start coaching in two weeks.

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