Monday, July 9, 2012

Free Day

Yesterday was free day from the diet for us. Tia had a long drive home, not arriving until 4 or 5am, so she was beat. I was ready to get up and enjoy the day. First thing, get up and eat some granola with blueberries. The diet limits sugar and carbs, so I was looking forward to this breakfast.

When Tia did get up, she wanted some KFC chicken. Her Dad was coming over, and she called for him to stop by there. He did and came by with a bucket of chicken that Delaney and she enjoyed for lunch. I had a biscuit and a piece of a leg, but it was so greasy, I struggled to eat much. The diet is already affecting me.

From there I didn’t really have lunch. I went for a fun, and then it was off to a party with all the volleyball parents and girls. It was at one of the teammate’s house and we’ve had a few parties there. Only 5 families came, but we ended up with a good time, with some mixed volleyball on a sunny day and a few drinks.

I sat inside for a bit, eating (too many) chips and guacamole, chatting with other parents. It was great, and I had a few margaritas and a burger. By the end I felt that I had enjoyed free day quite a bit.

Home, bed, and waking up at night with a touch of a headache and a little dehydrated. Water all night, with some ibuprofen, and I felt better this morning.

Now another week of eating carefully, which will be a bit of a challenge as I fly to London and spend two days there before I can enjoy some meals on Saturday.

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