Sunday, July 1, 2012

Not Much of a Free Day

Tia and I started the Body for Life program again on Wednesday. Our plan is usually to take Saturday off, since we often have plans, and so we only had 3 days of dieting before and open day. Yesterday I spent half the day with the Scouts, then some work around the house, and finally a dinner out with the family.

However I wasn't gorging myself. I didn't even feel the need to press much during the day. I had a burrito with the scouts and a brat since we were cooking out. When I got back, I ran and then had a heer while I sanded the bench down. When we went out, I had a Red Robin burger, fries, and a drink later, but not much of a free day.

I'm not sure if I've matured, or I'm coping better. Maybe I'm more relaxed at home and not being as strict as I should, but I've tried to stick to the diet, eating every 2-3 hours, and having smaller meals. I've definitely felt hungry, and weak sometimes, but not starving.

I'll keep an eye out, and try to cook a variety so this doesn't get stale, but the idea of being strict 6 days a week and then enjoying myself for one day makes some sense, mentally, and I'm coping much better than in the past.

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