Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Book #59 - Wired

51P QixR0SL._AA115_The continuation of Amped, where Kira Miller, David Desh, and their small council of five look to change the world as enhanced, super intelligent humans. In Wired,  it’s a few years later, and they’ve set up a company to do research into technologies to help the world. They are testing a cold fusion prototype when their facility is attacked. Ross is killed, but the others escape.

It’s a similar storyline, this time a new opponent pushing for them to be hounded by the military. We find out new things the enhanced humans can do, which really push into more fiction than science again. It’s still an exciting book, but in the effort to push this to be more exciting than the last one, I don’t love the plot twists and turns, as well as the capabilities of the new humans.

I enjoyed the book, but more than a few times I was too skeptical to enjoy it. The leaps are just too great.

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