Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sports Challenges

A rough for both kids yesterday. Kendall had a hard run in her PE class and then complained her feet were too sore for volleyball. I took her and cheered her up, getting her into the game, but she rolled her ankle and didn’t play in half the games. We have more tonight, so we’ll need to tape her up and get her motivated again.

On the plus side, she forgot her clothes for PE today, so no running.

Delaney had a hard practice as well. Yesterday was speed day (on the track), which is hard, and he didn’t have much water. He wants to keep going, but it seems he might be getting shin splints a bit. We need to help him restrain himself a little and keep running, but taking it a bit easier. We’re also thinking we may bike with him one day a week instead of practice.

Tough for the kids, even tougher as they’re now up at 6:00am for school.

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