Monday, August 20, 2012

Spicy Chicken Avacado Enchiladas

I saw this recipe from The Novice Chef recently. She’s the wife of a friend in Florida, and has some great recipes. I’ve made a few and the family has enjoyed them, especially the Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas.

After baseball, I stopped by to get a few school supplies, and while I was there, I remembered this recipe. I checked it quickly and grabbed a few things I needed and then came home. After a few chores, I had Delaney grill some chicken for me while I cleaned up, and then I started chopping and assembling the ingredients.

The cooking goes fast, so I was glad I had things separated into various bowls and ready to make the sauce. I was starting to cook and Kendall asked for one of my chicken breasts. I told her to wait and let me see what I needed for the enchiladas. A few minutes later as the scent drifted through the kitchen, she said she’d wait for enchiladas.


They were quick to cook and started going before I could get a picture. We went through 5 of the 7 I made, so not much left for today.

A great recipe, and fairly easy. Just a little prep and quick cooking, but have your ingredients for the sauce ready.

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