Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two Days in One

That's what it feels like. I was up at 5am to take Delaney to school for his cross country scrimmage. We had him packed up, I made some toast, and we drove to catch the 6am bus for his first meet. He looked good in his red and white Cardinals gear, and I was hoping he'd do well.

Then I came home and went to sleep.

I got up at 9, getting ready for the day. Kendall had a game at 11 and I was thinking we'd get Delaney right after, but Delaney texted just after 10 and said he was almost back. I raced to get him at school, coming home only long enough to switch kids and then Kendall and I went to her game.

We were late, but she got in the first game, which they lost. Too much standing around and not returning serves. The second and third games they woke up and had some great plays and better serves. Good returns and I think this team could have beaten her second place team. The four kids that played in the other league were much better, but more important, they worked together and the other ones were active.

A good game, a win for the first match, and Kendall did well.

Home and work for me, since I lost most of yesterday helping a friend move. I got some things done and then took some pictures in Tia's clinic, ran, and now to the hardware store to grab some supplies and work on a project or two.

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