Sunday, August 19, 2012

Buck Up

A tough game today. We faced the top team, and from the first inning we were getting killed. I did first, then second, then right and left, before coming back to first. No real plays, picking up some grounders that went into the outfield, and missed a hard hit liner that bounced just below my glove at first. I also missed a throw down from the catcher that was a low bouncer and just went through my legs. I had visions of a crotch shot and protected myself more than blocked the ball there, but still.

At the plate I was horrible. I got fooled twice in my first time up with an outside pitch that broke in. I should have seen the curve, but I was looking for something else. The next time I had two sliders that were inside, breaking down, and I just missed, twisting myself up. After that I had to sit an inning, just feeling a little sorry for myself. However I thought about the kids, and how I'd tell them to buck up and shake it off, so I did, going back out to first, and being the last batter up, choking up a bit and swinging smarter, with less power. A foul and then a pop up to first to end the game, but still a better at bat.

It wasn't just me. A total team collapse, with us losing in 7 innings something like 16-2 or 3. Just mistakes and poor pitching all over on our side with good hitting from the other team. Two games left next weekend, and I think I'm ready for the season to end. I've missed a lot of time, struggled some games, and am a little worn out this year.

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