Friday, August 10, 2012

Coach Steve

Yesterday was the first volleyball practice for Kendall's rec team. The coach was out of town, and so I was in charge, with a whole routine written down to tackle. I thought Kendall would go to her Elevation league, but Tia was backed up with work and trying to get ready for a race this weekend, so Kendall ended up coming with me. And I had my assistant, Delaney, ready to help.

Three of our kids were at Elevation, but I had the other 7 and we worked hard. Not as hard as the other league, but we only had an hour, and I tried to keep them moving. I learned that's really hard for one coach, especially since Delaney ended up shagging balls and helping me keep things going. I also learned a few places where we slowed down a lot and need to improve.

It was fun and I think the girls did well. Wrote up a note for the coach, and we'll see how things go, but I'm excited for another season.

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