Monday, August 27, 2012

Ending on a High Note

Our last baseball game of the season was yesterday and we finished on a high note, winning fairly easily. I believe we end up 8-10, and we'll be in the playoffs. Only a couple teams had winning records, so this wasn't too bad.

We only had 9 yesterday, but we played well, mostly making plays and hitting well. I ended up at short all day, and while I had a good game in the field, it was a hard one. Lots of running to back up third or second, chasing a shallow fly into left that I almost got, picking up 4 grounders and making plays at first or second. A good game. The downfall was running to cover second on a play up the middle and not being able to handle the throw at my knees as I was running. Just couldn't catch it. Then the next play was almost the same, and the second basemen picked it up a the bag and dropped it. I was running over and tried to grab it off the ground and bobbled it. Crazy.

Other than that it was good. I saw the ball well at the plate. I grounded out the first time, then a hard fly to right center for a double, popped out to SS when I got under a beautiful pitch. I regretted that one. I really need to learn to go to the opposite field. I walked the next time on four pitches, and then faced a knuckleball left hander that baffled me. Swung at bad pitches, let a third strike go once and looked away on the another. Ugh. 1-4, BB, not a great day.

A long, slow, hard game on a 90F day. I was worn out and tired by the end of the 5th and ready to call it quits. Just worn out, with a tired back and hips. I definitely need some swinging during the week. Even free swinging.

Now two weeks off until we hit the playoffs. I'm hoping that's just one week. I'm ready for the season to end and winter to start.

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