Monday, August 27, 2012

Book #64 - Final Vector

I picked up Final Vector for free at Amazon and enjoyed it. It's a thriller, and it's written OK (not great), but enjoyable. We have an air traffic controller in New Hampshire, responsible for traffic into Boston. His wife is an auditor for the Pentagon and she uncovers someone that's selling information. On the way home one weekend, she's killed by someone who is buying the information.

The book somewhat goes into the thriller area here. The stories get tied together as the terrorists plan to kill the President with Stinger missiles they stole using the information from the Pentagon. They plan to take over the air traffic control site and direct Air Force One into a place where they can shoot the missiles.

The book is brutal and graphic in how the terrorists kill people, and the writing doesn't build great suspense as the plot unfolds, but it's still enjoyable. This was a fun weekend read.

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