Friday, August 31, 2012

More Government and Less Freedom

I was watching Marco Rubio’s speech last night at the GOP convention, waiting for Tia to get home after trimming. I was half playing Bejeweled when I heard Rubio say

“We chose more government instead of more freedom”.

Huh? I had to stop what I was doing and rewind it. Then again. Did he really say that? It’s the complete opposite of what I’d expect a conservative to say. However that was what he said. So I searched online for the transcript, which was leaked early, and saw this:

“We chose more freedom instead of more government.”

That’s what I thought he wanted to say, but that’s not what he said. Quite a gaffe, but just that. A gaffe.

I have seen a few interviews with Rubio, and I like him. He seems to be more of a critical thinking, rational conservative that recognizes we need to do better, but we also need compassion and thought for different groups that make up this country as we move forward. He always seems to be restraining himself a bit, and trying to make sure he sticks to the GOP party line, though it’s not really what he believes.

I liked his speech, and I suspect this is a stepping stone for him to move forward in GOP leadership in the future. Hopefully this also means he will bring about some more tolerance, rationality, and balance to what seems to be an extremely right wing agenda.

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