Friday, August 24, 2012

Second Place

Last night was Kendall’s championship game at the Elevation Volleyball league. Her team faltered on Tuesday and lots both matches. They actually lost all 3 games in the first match, something they haven’t done all season. They won the first game of the second match, but then lost the last two. Kendall was late for the first one (had to convince her to go after a hard day at school), played in 4 games, and then sat the last two with a sore ankle. Her team fell apart and couldn’t serve for some reason.

Photo Aug 22, 5 59 04 PM


Wednesday they were seeded #2, and had a bye. They were more energetic, and with only 6 of them, they won both games easily, not even needing the third. In the other match were both teams they’d lost to on Tuesday. It was exciting watching the third game of that match, which was to 15, but came down to a tight 16-14 win by the team that has two of my players from our other league.

Photo Aug 22, 6 06 54 PM

Last night I had to pick up Delaney from cross country, which went fairly smooth and since I got home around 5:15, I raced over to try and catch the championship. I missed the first game (they lost), but then they played well and won the second easily. In the third, however, they somewhat fell apart. Didn’t serve well, energy went down, and after 5-5 tie, they fell apart, losing by 5 or 6.

Somewhat disappointing, but not too bad. An exciting set of matches for Kendall, and we congratulated the other two that we'll play with on Saturday as our other league starts.  Kendall got a medal for 2nd place, some great experience, she played well with a taped ankle, and we had got a nice group shot at the end.

Photo Aug 23, 6 20 00 PM

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