Friday, August 31, 2012

Keep Pressing

I'm getting sick. I can feel it, nose running, throat slightly sore. I  had the day off, and plans, so I managed to get outside and pour water into the holes I was digging and use the auger to drill them out. Twice. Once after I took Kendall to the bus, and once after I took a break and had some coffee this morning.

I managed to get them dug out a bit, but more to do, so water is in there now.

In between I also did some work on the saddle racks, getting two of them built, though I need to hooks to hang them.

After the second drilling session, and third time pouring in water, I came in. I was a bit worn out, but needed to run. I have a massage booked at 2:00 and I wanted to relax a bit after that.

I went downstairs, but remembered that today was a lifting day. So I lifted. A quick, 30 min, session doing legs and then a nice run. I kept starting to rationalize skipping weights, but then decided that I needed to just do the work. Even a short session is better than nothing.

Each day builds on the last, so skipping days at this age means I'm not building things.

Asked Delaney to come, but he didn't. He was feeling sick last night, an ear infection come down (we think), and still bothering him this morning, so we let him stay home.

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