Friday, August 17, 2012

Late Night

After volleyball yesterday, which was so-so given that we only had a half court to practice, I dropped Kendall off at home and then raced down to the Denver SQL Server Users Group. I had a friend in town speaking, who I haven’t need since Liverpool last September, and wanted to go say hi and have a drink.

He was popular, and I only had a few minutes to chat at the meeting, and then not a lot of time afterwards either, but we did end up getting some time late at night, around 11 to chat. I got home at 12:15 and then was up at 6:00am to get kids ready for their first day of school.

Back to bed for me, and I was beat, not up until 10. A busy day today, with Delaney heading out to Scouts tonight, so I’m guessing I’ll be working a bit tomorrow.

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