Monday, August 13, 2012

Cross Country - Day 1

I dropped Delaney off at Cross Country practice today, his first day of high school stuff. School doesn’t start until next week, but when we registered him for school, they listed practice every day this week.

New shoes, shorts, a jacket since there was a light drizzle, and a water bottle accompanied him. We stood at the track for a few minutes until a couple of his friends walked up. He smiled as they called his name and the three of them went to wait together on the track.

I watched a few minutes as they got started in the light rain. A warm up lap had him running a little stiffly, but not the slowest. With some work to do, I left him to it.

Photo Aug 13, 3 33 09 PM

When I picked him up, he looked OK, though walking a touch stiffly. He told me they’d run 4 miles, though he’d had to walk about half. Still that’s impressive for a kid that has probably never done that. We’ve run 2 a few times, but never 4. He was tired and hungry, but a half hour later, he was fine.

Looking forward to seeing how he likes this season.

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