Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Wore a Tie

Yesterday I got dressed up in a suit and tie. It’s been a year since I did that, and once again it sucked.

Not the clothes, though those sucked for sure. Getting constricted into a suit is never enjoyable. However I’ve definitely lost some weight since things fit better.

Photo Sep 01, 12 47 15 PM

The sucky part was another friend died last week and the funeral was yesterday. Tia and I spent the afternoon in church and then a reception. Loaded up on medicine and then a couple bourbon and cokes helped, but I was both worn out emotionally and physically by evening and glad to get home and crash.

The downside of getting older is more of our friends are passing away. It doesn’t seem right that this is happening in our 40s, but it is. That’s 3 people in a year.


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