Sunday, September 2, 2012

Book #65 - The Goal

A business book about how you might get better production, written about a manufacturing plant. Ordinarily this seems like something I wouldn’t be interested in, but for some reason I picked up The Goal. This is the third edition, with the first having been written twenty years ago.

And I was hooked. It’s written as a novel, with the main character being in charge of a manufacturing plant (we never get specifics), and with only three months to show improvement or he will be fired and the plant closed. Once he gets back the panic, he starts to examine what he can do differently, and remembers a conversation with a former teacher that intrigued him.

The book wanders through is his thoughts as he learns to rethink how he does business in manufacturing. He gets hints from his mentor, pressure from his boss, and resistance from his staff, but with the help of his Boy Scout troop, he has a revelation.

I really enjoyed this book, and I think it somehow relates to other operations, including software, but I’m not sure. It definitely has some lessons in management, and while I’m not completely sure I understand them, I’ll keep this book handy.

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