Friday, September 14, 2012

Book #69 - The Unincorporated Future

51GP9OAsr2L._AA115_The continuation, and end, of a fantastic series.  This one starts just after the end of the last book, where Omad’s ship crashed onto Earth.

I wondered what would happen in The Unincorporated Future. I kept thinking that we’d find Justin somehow and he’d return, but that’s not what happens. More moral and philosophical twists as Sandra must find a way to win a war that seems to be going the other way. At the same time the avatars must find a way to win theirs.

I don’t want to talk much about the story, since it’s a good one and one worth reading. You need to read the other three books first, and if the first one hooks you, you’ll enjoy these. I like this sci-fi because the writing and premise is interesting. It made me think about religion, and commerce, and money.

It made me question the way I view the world, and think about what parts of this future I wouldn’t want, and what parts I would, and at the same time, compare them to the current world.

It didn’t end as I thought, and there were some good twists, but I think the authors did a great job.

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