Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Book #66 - Bangkok Burn

A mafia/criminial/gangster book set in Thailand. I’m not sure why I thought I’d enjoy Bangkok Burn, but I did and glad I grabbed it. This one is packed with action from the get go and I enjoyed the read.

A Farang, foreigner who was adopted by one of the gang leaders in Bangkok at a young age goes to meet his father. A bomb explodes and he survives. At the same time his Uncle, another Farong and associate of the family is kidnapped.

The book races through a few days of time as our Farang, Samuel, has his plans to leave the family business ruined. His alternate identity is exposed, he must deal with potential incursions from other gangs as his father heals, and he must try to get his Uncle Mike back.

I’m not normally a fan of gangster writing, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. The mix of Asian and western influences makes for fascinating reading.

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