Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Delaney called me yesterday and said he’d forgotten his shorts for cross country. He had a meet in Kiowa (E of here), and wanted me to meet him. A bit of a pain, but I encouraged him to run and I grabbed my laptop and headed over there.

We warmed up in his long uniform, and then changed. A warm day, too warm for him, but he got started with everyone else.


Most of the kids finished and I was getting worried about him. I thought he might have twisted an ankle since he was slower than any of his recent times. Finally he came chugging up.


Tired, slow, but persevering and still going, he came running up.


Proud to see him still going. He said afterwards that there was a bunch of water they ran through early and that bothered him. Even today, his shoes are still a little wet.

Glad to see him still pushing, and looking forward to his improving his strength, stamina, and speed over the next month.

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