Monday, September 10, 2012

Volleyball Practice

Last night we were aiming for an informal volleyball practice for our adult team.  After last Thursday when we got blown out, Tia and I talked about a few things that we didn’t do well. Some was us, some was the team, and we decided to try and practice during open gym on Sunday. Most of our team couldn’t, but a few could and we decided to meet at 5.

Kendall said her ankle wasn’t doing well and didn’t come, but Tia, Delaney, and I went down there and ended up practicing ourselves with a few other people. We did some serving to start and then played some pick up games.

Most of the rest of our teammates weren’t good, but there were a few good servers and I had the chance to see and respond to some really good diving serves. I think I’ll be better next week. Tia and I also got to serve a bunch and we both did well.

Looking forward to Thur now.

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