Monday, September 17, 2012


Once again we went down on Sunday night to the rec center for Sunday night pick up volleyball. Tia was out of town, but both kids went and we had fun. Not great players with us, but still fun to hit some balls, serve a few, and laugh.

Afterwards Delaney wanted to go to Freddies again. Tia took us there last week and he loved it, so we went again. On the way we were talking to Tia on her way back from Grand Junction when I saw a police officer behind me turn on lights. I was wondering if me being on the phone was the issue and CO law had changed, but it was expired tags on the Suburban. From April (whoops!).

We got our ticket and then had a good dinner before heading home.

Tired today, too much work this weekend, but the shelter is coming along.

Photo Sep 16, 3 57 34 PM

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