Sunday, September 9, 2012

End of the Season

The playoffs started and ended for me today in baseball. We had an early morning game, which was good for me. I was hoping it would be cool, and it wasn’t bad, but it warmed up quite a bit.

Not a great game for me, but not a horrible one. I played mostly 2nd and an inning at short, picking up a ball at second and throwing for an out, picking one up at short, hurrying and pulling the first baseman off for an error. I missed a popup behind second that I thought was going to be on the dirt, but ended up 10 feet in the grass and I misjudged it. I did get a throw from the pitcher and turned a double play,  so about even in the field. At the plate I had 3 flies (right center, left center, left center) and a strikeout on a curve that fooled me nicely. Not a great day, though I saw the ball well.

The team didn’t bat well, only getting 4 runs and giving up 10, pitching a problem again. Not too many errors, but a few and enough to let a few inning extend.

Now a little break before ski season.

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