Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Hay

Rain in the forecast has Tia and I out there today to cover more hay. We were hoping to do it yesterday, but it was a busy day, up until bedtime. After a morning of work for me and chores for Tia, we went and loaded up on tires from the local shop.


Photo Sep 25, 12 55 29 PM


It was a trip that included bringing home the ATV, which mysteriously works now. Likely a stuck relay. Need to research how to fix that. Once the tires were home, we unloaded.


Photo Sep 25, 12 55 04 PM


Oscar narrowly missed being bumped as I rolled them over to the hay. That was the easy part. Next we had to unroll the tarp. We bought two old billboard vinyl’s, 60’x16’ and spread them out. We actually spread them yesterday, but had to re-line them up today.


Photo Sep 24, 9 35 57 AM

Then it was time to get tires up


Photo Sep 25, 1 09 17 PM


It’s quite high, and even though the bales are 3’x8’, you have to be careful where you step. It’s a nice view. and I can see the top of the tractor.


Photo Sep 24, 9 36 01 AM


We tied the tarps to the hay, and then used tires on top of that, tying everything down.

Photo Sep 25, 1 24 58 PM

While Tia tied, I took a short break. Trying hard to shake this illness.

Photo Sep 25, 1 41 30 PM

A couple hours and things were covered, which is good since we expect rain tonight. We’ll see.

Photo Sep 25, 2 09 46 PM

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