Monday, February 15, 2010

We Don’t have a CD Player

Last night Delaney came in as I was getting Kendall ready for bed and asked if he could have a CD player. Kyle had gotten him a CD for Christmas, and he wanted to listen to it as he went to sleep. I looked around briefly, but realized that we don’t really have one.

We don’t have a CD player, two decades after I got my first one.

Kendall has an old one somewhere, but we couldn’t find it. Tia has an old boom box in the barn, but it might not work. All our computers, or most of them, have CD players, and so I lent him my laptop last night, putting it in his room for bedtime, assuming it would die at some point or go to sleep after he did.

Kind of amazing to me that we don’t have any CD players around anymore.

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