Saturday, February 20, 2010

Peeping Tom Principals

I can’t believe this story. School issued laptops with webcams that were remote activated by school officials. They should be sued, and possibly someone terminated. It’s crazy.

I think schools have the right to search lockers. I think they are welcome to require a drug test for attendance if that’s the case. Those are reactive measures, and they can take place on school grounds. However accessing a student’s cell phone or spying on kids off school grounds is over the line.

This digital world is getting strange, and while some people definitely like to share what’s happening in their lives, they shouldn’t be forced to or have it done without their notice. That’s a little weird when any random person could snap a photo of you, but I think when it’s intentional by some organized group, it crosses a legal line.

We definitely won’t be allowing our kids to get laptops from school.

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