Monday, February 22, 2010

A Good Deal?

I was driving Kendall to school today and we were talking about skiing. We didn’t go yesterday, thinking the weather would be bad when we talked Sat. That and my neck wouldn’t allow it, but it did seem to be something she was interested in.

At breakfast we’d looked at her work from last week and talked about the timed math tests she’s taking. It’s 100 problems (simple subtraction/addition) and 6 minutes or so. She’s gotten better, 71 on the last one we had, but she should be knocking them all out. I don’t know how she did last week after some practice, but something occurred to me on the drive.

I said that I’d take her skiing if she passed the test. As in she could miss a day of school if she passed and just the two of us would go up to Keystone. She seemed excited, so it made sense to me.

We’ll see if it motivates her.

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