Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One Day I Didn’t Like Snow

My brother called today and we talked briefly. He’s planning on coming out in May to see my oldest graduated, so we chatted about plans for that week. He lives in MD and they got a lot of snow last week, 2 ft according to him, and more coming. Quite a change for him.

We got snow today as well, actually it started Sunday, and I wasn’t thrilled. Don’t get me wrong, I like snow in the mountains, especially new Keystone Mountain. Even down here it’s not too bad, though it can be a hassle to get around, feed horses, etc. Almost slipped last night at karate walking through the parking lot.

Today, I had a different reason for not liking the snow. The boys from CSTechCast had asked me to come down for an interview in Colorado Springs. They offered lunch and are friends, so I agreed to come down last week, having set up a time this morning. The snow, however, made my journey less fun. Not because it was dangerous, or even hard to drive. Lots of snow had melted, though the Prius slipped a bit down there and banged into a curb in a parking lot.

It’s because I couldn’t take the Porsche.


On top of the fact that it doesn’t do well in the snow, with rear wheel drive and too much tourque, but also that it’s not great for the car to be out in the snow and I want it to last. Usually I enjoy the windy, country road on CO-83 as I go to the springs, but with weather I stuck to the highway. A better choice.

I’ll plan another trip down there when it’s warmer with less chance of snow.

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