Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Glove

Baseball is up in the air this year. My team dissolved and I'm trying to figure out what to do. In any case, I've been wanting a first baseman's glove since last year. I could use the larger surface, and I would like to play that position left handed.

So after lunch I stopped by Sports Authority quickly to check on their stock. I've seen some online, but I didn't want to spent $150 on a glove. Seems silly for someone that will play 25 days a year with one. They had a nice, black Rawlings there for $50, so I grabbed it. Made sense, fit well, and I'll be ready for the season with a new team (I hope).

Now I'll be carrying a left handed outfielder's glove, right handed infield (for 2nd base) and a left handed first baseman's mitt. Now if I can just hit a few, I'll be in good shape.

My old team is practicing Sun, so I might go out with them a bit just to get some time in the field.

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