Monday, February 1, 2010


I slept in this morning, at least a little. Tia got the kids up, but Khali whined at 8, so that was my alarm clock today.

I’m sure I wasn’t as tired as Delaney. I was up with him until midnight, working on a social studies project that he had procrastinated on. He had done some last week, but apparently not enough. He was supposed to work on it yesterday, and was sitting at Tia’s desk while I was working last night, but when wasn’t anywhere near done. I didn’t realize it as I was working.

So Kendall called me to say she was ready for bed. I went upstairs, wondering what she was doing and found her in PJs and brushed, but Tia was crashed. She’d had a couple late nights and fell asleep around 8:30. So I put Kendall down, came down to check on Delaney, and found him working on Powerpoint, 24 slides done, but he had a bunch more to work on.

He was supposed to plan a trip to two countries and make notes about the countries. He’d done that, but he had left the research about prices, where to stay, eat, and visit, until the end and was struggling. I think he was distracted, but he also doesn’t know how to search very well on the Internet, especially for prices.

So we searched for flights and hostels in Moscow and Berlin, the two places he wants to go. That was easier, though surprisingly not as simple as it sounds when you come to finding food and prices as well as places to go. We had to find historical and modern museums, which was hard. Especially since half our searches turned up lots of stuff in other languages.

Eventually we got it done. I took on the typing, which helped, and had him research a little more. He was sniffling and not feeling good. Tired, struggling with the rewording of information. I kept catching him reading off sentences and would get a little annoyed. Plagiarism is a big deal to me and I had to emphasize that. I think Delaney got it, and we managed to come up with some descriptions of the places. Not great ones, but enough to get the project done at 11:30 on a Sunday night.

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