Thursday, February 11, 2010

Suck It Up

I got Delaney up this morning and then started down to make breakfast. I’d noticed an ice pack next to his bed, and remembered he’d hurt his arm last night getting wild with Kendall. I figured things were OK until I started down the stairs and heard

“Dad, I have a problem”

I went back up and he said that he couldn’t move his right arm. It hurt and he cradled it in his lap. He’s a little sensitive and I suspected he was playing it up a little, but we worked it up and down, letting me move it and pressing lightly in various places. No swelling, no bruising, the the lower bicep, inside the arm, was sore. I think he banged it pretty good, bruised it, and then it stiffened from him going to sleep right then.

Not enough to miss school to his dismay, but I went and checked the bathroom cabinet for Tia’s sling. First place I looked, which I think means I’m starting to understand my wife :). We put that on Delaney and got him ready for school.

Be interesting to see if he wears it all day and how much he plays up his injury.

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