Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ski Thursday

Cold, windy, cloudy, not a great day up at Keystone, but better than sitting at a desk. I thought about delaying until tomorrow, when the weather is supposed to be better, but I was worried it would snow tonight and it wouldn’t be a good drive up tomorrow, even if the mountain is sunny. That and I had scheduled things at work today with a guest editorial so I could leave.

After kids were in school, I packed up and headed out. It wasn’t bad when I got up there, though a little cold. I got to the backside, and here was the view from the South peak when I made it over there.


Shortly after this things got worse. It was cold, it started to snow and blow, and I actually took a short break to get a cup of coffee and unwind. My water tube had leaked a little and frozen over, and I was a little cold. I don’t usually take breaks, but needed one today.

When I went back out, around 12:40, it was snowing hard, and I could only see about 50ft or so. I made my way down, up to the main mountain, and then took a final run down SchoolMarm. It was great, with very few people on the hill, so I could fly down the green. I made it to the car about 1:20 and headed home. A short day, only about 8 runs, but fun, despite the cold.

Got back just in time to pick up Kendall.

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